The London Soaring Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sport of soaring, also known as gliding. The club is located at 315816 31st Line, Embro in Zorra Twp, between London and Woodstock and directly north of Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. Club flight operations run from April to November weather permitting, with the majority of our flying occurring on weekends and statutory holidays each year. We also have fly-weeks during the summer. See Events Calendar for dates.

As members of the London Soaring, we are a group of aviation enthusiasts who strive to lead in the training for and the safe enjoyment of the sport of soaring in South Western Ontario. We encourage the personal growth and development of ourselves and others through the challenges of aviation and the joy of flying.

As a member, Adults and Youth(14+) receive instruction and advance at their own pace. Club Awards

Membership includes:
• One-on-one in-flight glider training with instructors licensed by Transport Canada
• Rental of our club-owned gliders
• Parking areas for privately-owned gliders
• Modern clubhouse and canteen
• Winter seminars and workshops
• Field and glider maintenance activities
• The mentorship and camaraderie of fellow pilots
• And many opportunities to learn more about the world of aviation

You can try gliding by purchasing a Day Membership which includes an Introductory Flight in one of our two-seat sailplanes with a qualified glider pilot.

Are you thinking about becoming a licensed glider pilot? We offer an inexpensive way to find out ... try our Four-Pack Instructional Flight package, part of which can be credited toward a full membership if you decide to join the club.

Visitors are welcome any time we are operating, but please keep safety in mind when our airstrip is operational. Children must be closely supervised.

Directions to the AirfieldWinter workshop

Important Information for Visitors to London Soaring :

Visiting London Soaring

Winter Seminars

From January to March during the non-flying season we conduct our popular Saturday Winter Seminars, during which members, guests and visitors learn more about all aspects of aviation. As speakers we have had an aeronautical engineer, competition soaring pilots, a winning pilot in the Red Bull Air Races, a former astronaut, retired Air Canada pilot, aerobatic pilot, and more. For a schedule of upcoming seminars (and yes, they are open to the public with prior arrangement) see Events Calendar.

Aircraft Maintenance

Winter jobs

Also during the winter months members find it quite rewarding to participate in the upkeep of our gliders and tow plane. Almost every weekend you'll find members sprucing up our equipment to get ready for the coming soaring season. All work is accomplished to the highest aircraft standards under the supervision of our two members who are also licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

London Soaring Club History

I don’t really remember when or how it came about, but the idea that there should be soaring in the London area had somehow become firmly established in our minds, and failed to be dislodged. The above-mentioned minds belong to Willem Den Baars, Don McKay and yours truly, and looking back at some of the past happenings we must have been right out of ours. ~Mike Frijters

The fleet 1970

The group bought a two-seater Pratt Read C-FZAN from Pendleton, Ontario on the other side of Ottawa (Google Maps approx 7 hrs on the 401). It did not come with a trailer and so the group put together a makeshift trailer and "pointed it towards London". The group left Pendleton at 2:00 AM and after a harrowing trip down the 401 at speeds of 29 MPH because of wind, they finally arrived in London at 10:00 PM that night.

"The first flight of the P.R. CFZAN was made on May 1st, 1968 and lasted 15 minutes. The London Soaring Society was was officially formed on March 18, 1970. During the first year 488 flights were made with the P.R. and the L SPATZ for a total time of 205 hours, 50 minutes." ~ Don McKay

....Read more about the club's early adventures and History


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