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What do I need to do to start?
Come to the field and join the club or purchase a Four Pack of instructional flights. This can be converted to a normal membership if you decide to join. 

Do I need to have special skills to start?
If you can drive a car, you can learn to fly a glider. No special skills are needed.

How much does it cost?
With club annual membership fees, some training materials costs and tow fees, the cost to solo is about $2,000. To obtain your licence, add another $1,500. For comparison, to obtain a Private Pilot licence (for single engine aircraft) the cost is about $10,000. 

How long will it take?
Depending on the time of year when you start and how often you come to the field for training, you may solo in the first season of lessons. Typically, a student will obtain their licence in the season after they solo. 

Students who already have a flying license receive some credit and may take less time. (see below)

How safe is it?
London Soaring is extremely proud of our safety record. At the same time, air sports do involve a level of risk. We strive to do all we can to minimize the level of risk in every flight. We have implemented many procedures in this regard and constantly strive to improve. You will see evidence of this every day.

How professional is the training? Who will train me?
All our instructors hold an Instructor Rating with Transport Canada and follow the Soaring Association of Canada training program. The experience and knowledge of every one of them far exceeds the minimums required by Transport Canada.

When does flying training occur?
We are an all-volunteer club so most flying activity, including training, occurs every weekend and public holiday, weather permitting. We also have 2 fly-weeks during the summer. See Events Calendar for our flying schedule.

I'm a power pilot, how does that help me?
Your experience and training will give you a great head start. You will already have skills and knowledge that will speed your conversion to gliders immensely. In addition, Transport Canada will give you credit towards your required air time and ground school requirement. See below

Do I have to have a medical exam?
For your licence and to be able to fly with one passenger, you will be able to complete a self-declaration that you do not have a condition that would affect your flying. If that isn't possible, you will need to have a medical examination done by a Transport Canada qualified doctor. The examination is very basic. If you're over 40 years old, you'll be required to have an ECG to check your heart.

What can I contribute to the club as a student?
Like other club members, you'll be expected to participate in running the operation at the airfield. This includes daily inspections on the training aircraft, retrieval and launching of aircraft, recording flights, and more. You will start learning these tasks right away.  And...there is always grass to cut! 

Power to Glider

Are you a Power Pilot?  Are you interested in learning to fly a Glider? A person holding of a power plane license may receive credit for some areas of knowledge and training when pursuing a glider license.
Note: Power License does not need to be current to receive training credit. 

Transport Canada CREDIT for a Pilot permit/license Glider as per:                   
 CARS  421.24 Gliders – Requirements

(a) Knowledge

(i) An applicant who holds a pilot permit or licence in any other category of aircraft, except ultra-light aeroplanes, shall be deemed to have met 10 of the 15 hours ground school instruction requirement. (Need 5 hours of Ground School ( Recreational Pilot’s licence)
(ii) An applicant who holds a pilot licence - aeroplane may be deemed to have met the ground school instruction requirement.
(iii) An applicant who holds a pilot licence - aeroplane shall be deemed to have met the written examination requirement.

(b) Experience

An applicant who holds a pilot licence - aeroplane category shall have the total glider pilot flight training time reduced to a minimum of 3 hours, which shall include the minimum flight training specified. 

For full details about glider licensing requirements and training contact Transport Canada    PHONE:  905-679-3449 

or visit:



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