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London Soaring Airfield Information 

   Address: 315816 31st Line, Zorra (Embro), Ontario, Canada

   Runway: 16/34 Grass Turf, Length: approx. 3000 ft.  
                (Note: Runway Slopes, See visiting aircraft information)
                (CAUTION soft turf at each end of the field in Spring and after heavy rains)

   Elevation: 1050 feet ASL (320.04m)

   Coordinates: N43` 09.169' W80` 57.044'

   Radio Frequency: VHF 123.40 (gliding frequency)

Inbound traffic: Call “London Soaring Ground” on arrival for further landing information.  (Note: radio communication may not be available at all times. Alternate Contact: LSC flight line 519-661-7844).

Visiting Aircraft Information

Detailed Runway Diagram and Procedures

Visiting Aircraft Landing Protocol:

Visiting aircraft are always welcome but are advised to radio for recommended landing information and field conditions or call the club by phone prior to arrival and/or landing.  London Soaring does not accept any liability or responsibility related to visiting aircraft. Aircraft wishing to land at London Soaring do so at their own discretion.

Power aircraft are advised to exercise caution when entering London Soaring airspace during normal flight operations (between 11 am and 5 pm) and should confine flight path to the power circuit as described as sailplane and tow aircraft operations may be in progress.  Sailplanes have the right of way to land at all times. If a sailplane is landing directly in front a go around should be executed to allow time for the active runway to be cleared.

Tow planes

After landing, do not block the main runway but proceed to the west side of the field.

Standard Circuit Protocol:

Circuit height is 1000 feet AGL. Powered aircraft must fly right hand circuits when landing northbound or southbound respectively. Sailplanes fly the opposite left hand pattern, so please keep a sharp lookout! All aircraft are expected to fly a downwind parallel to the active runway, with a base leg and final. Watch for sailplane traffic approaching from the opposite side when turning base leg. The windsock is located at the south end of the red & orange roofed hangar.view from clubhouse

Runway Slope:

The South half of the London Soaring runway slopes downward from North to South. Touch down & ground roll should be confined to the first 1500 ft. of the runway if possible to avoid slope when landing approach is from the North.


Glider Tows:

We honour reciprocal agreements with other Ontario gliding clubs, and visiting gliders who land at our club will be towed aloft at our prevailing club member rates.  Visiting glider pilots who wish to be towed are reminded of their obligation to carry adequate insurance and on-board insurance certificate as stated in CAR regulations.


   For further information please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 519-661-7844

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